Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dallas Cowboys vs San Diego Chargers NFL Live Stream

cowboys vs chargers Dallas Cowboys vs San Diego Charger
The San Diego have just gone 8-8 in your home the last two seasons, with Philip Rivers tossing 17 interceptions and posting an average passer rating of 86.8 in those games. As well as while we do not recognize right now if Cowboys will have a winning record in the season, it's intriguing that the San Diego have actually lost 5 of their last 6 house games to teams that finished over.500.

It does not appear as though this Chargers team obtained any much better in totally free agency, so while a brand-new routine could possibly reinvigorate the franchise business, the odds are still in favor of the San Diego being an irregular and undependable group in the season.

The Dallas have a side below, albeit a mild one 2 time areas over. With little record to go on, I'm offering them the one-score success.

San Diego Chargers vs Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas are a group that will periodically do excellent things on offense because they have Tony Romo at QB and tools in the passing game like Jason Witten and Dez Bryant . The Dallas will typically be good for a solid racking up effort and also put the tension on the resisting offense to match.

The trouble with the Dallas is their protection doesn't seem to assist their offense win games, in spite of a great deal of talent on that side of the sphere. The Dallas have actually a lot invested in their two cornerbacks, as well as best pass-rushers DeMarcus Ware is still among the league's .

It will likely boil down to which QB makes the essential turn over or throws a goal pass at the end of the game. Although Romo is an underrated QB, Rivers is a safer bet in your home to win this game for his team.

Rating Prediction: Cowboys 24, Chargers 31


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